Helix Volleyball Club is seeking athletes that wish to train their volleyball skills in a structured, positive, and competitive environment.  We will court teams ages 10 through 18.

All athletes in the same age group train under the same lead coach allowing the best possible training under the strongest coaching available. 


The goal of HELIX Volleyball is to train athletes in a positive environment.  Athletes should be thought of as a blank slate.  Our job is to fill that slate.  Coaches should assume nothing.  Coaches need to train all aspects of balance, movement, skills and game strategies.  The goal is to establish a strong foundation of skills at the younger levels and incrementally ADD to their skill development each year.  For this to work it is imperative that coaches at each level work to instill the basic skills for their level so future coaches can work on advancing skills each year.  The guidelines below are basics skills that each level should accomplish by the conclusion of their season.  If your team moves beyond these goals attempt to pursue the skill goals for the next age bracket.  This will give your players a great advantage at next year's try-outs.


College Coaches training program trains our club staff to maintain consistent skills development throughout all levels.  Training is comprehensive and progressive (Coaches are on the same page).


Helix Volleyball seeks coaches who have a love of volleyball, a respect for the athletes, and a desire to learn. Coaches in this program show a commitment to learning the comprehensive and progressive system that Helix Volleyball Club employs.

All coaches attend in-service coaching clinics as well as nationally recognized coaching clinics.


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